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Letter to the Editor: Mannan for Select Board

by | May 13, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I have known Shahidul Mannan for a number of years and wholeheartedly endorse him for our Select Board. As a very engaged citizen of our town, he brings the experience, both from his town engagement and professional expertise to our budget, strategic planning and applied town knowledge. Shahidul adds value to our current Select Board.

Shahidul is a great listener, proactively hearing all sides of an issue, making sure everyone’s voice is heard and objectively collecting all pertinent information before moving forward with his opinion on the matter. He has demonstrated this by working with all parts of the town and school administration, During his time on the Appropriation Committee, he defused tension between various bodies and promoted collaboration between schools and the town on budget perceptions. He is passionate about public service and giving back, demonstrating commitment.

As a “recovering CPA” myself, I understand the multifaceted issues in balancing a town budget. We tend to take Hopkinton’s balanced budget as given, not always knowing how much effort goes on behind the scenes to match the numbers while keeping up the service levels with proper funding, in our town’s era of tremendous growth. There is so much that goes on — negotiations, creative ideas, etc., that results in a minimal tax impact with optimal service support. This is what Shahidul and his Appropriation Committee colleagues silently have done over the last decade while we had been going through the roof with growth in this town. His is a welcome addition to Select Board.

Please cast your vote for Shahidul.

— Connie Wright, Hopkinton

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