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Letter to the Editor: Protect Center School land

by | May 23, 2023 | Letter to Editor

The four seasons of the Center School land:

Spring —We hear the sounds of birds announcing the end of winter as they forage for insects and seeds and build nests. Among them are cardinals, woodpeckers, bluebirds, robins, etc. Salamanders have been spotted emerging from under decaying logs. Even an occasional turtle has been seen near the stream on the property.

Summer — Young children and their friends and families enjoy having a picnic under the shade of the beautiful mature trees of the pine grove, or they play at the safe, age-appropriate playground.

Autumn — The varieties of trees display their beautiful fall colors. Activities on the Town Common add to the enjoyment of the adjacent Center School open, green space. A pickup game of soccer or even an archery lesson sponsored by Parks & Rec takes place here.

Winter — Snow brings the joy of trying to identify the many different animal tracks. Cross country skiers can practice here for longer, more challenging trails than other venues.

The open, green space behind Center School is a downtown treasure. It must be preserved for future generations. We the citizens of Hopkinton own this land! Do not give it to developers for any price or promise.

— Beth and Rick Kelly, Hopkinton

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    I think it would become a great asset as a Community Center like Whitin Community Center in Northbridge. A facility designed to serve families and the broader community. It’s halfway there today. I expect all downtown businesses would also benefit.

  2. Mary Myers

    Beth and Rick Kelly
    I so agree with you on this very precious land.
    And to be able to go hiking on the trail in the back.

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