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Letter to the Editor: Residents decry ‘offensive’ act at India Day

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Letter to Editor

As concerned citizens of Hopkinton, we condemn all racist acts, and specifically the recent racist incident in which a fellow Hopkinton resident deliberately disrupted a ceremony on the town common to mark India Day. Racism has no place in our town, and we call upon the perpetrator to apologize to our Indian-American neighbors and to the Hopkinton community for his offensive act. We thank the Hopkinton Police Department for intervening, and we invite our neighbors to join us in condemning racism in all its forms.
Sheila Zarba-Campbell and Stephen Campbell
Sara Becker
Darlene, Michael, Andrew, and Melissa Hayes
Kristin Dionne
Anne Mattina
Holly Kent Kasper
Anushree Arya
Beth Clark D’Alleva
Maureen Karb Laguarta
Ilana Casady
Swathi Varahabhatla Pappu
Jon and Erin Graziano
Colleen Harrington
Mary Ondrechen
Maria Baute Stewart
Meena Kaushik
Jennifer Smead
Muriel and Randy Kramer
Carol Diesel
Patricia Duarte
Kayhan Yegenoglu
Sharon Brown Goldstein
Katie Dittami
Lya Batlle-Rafferty
Shikha Srivastava
Nasiba Mannan
Martha Jackson Bergeron
Asha Kiran Sherring
Jennifer Donahue
Elizabeth Farry
Nancy McBride
Carly Grant
Leslie Skrzypczak
Rachael Weber Ziolo
Christina Hannigan
Paula Toomey
Holly Morand
Peggy Shaw
Lisa Sanchez O’Brien and Sean O’Brien
Radhika Dixit
Jaime Korkos
Shova Sharma
Hope Hayman
Katy and Suren Padmalingam
Diana Gadsby
Julie Jacobites
Adam and Courtney McFarland
Anna Ivanov
Mary Ansell
Corinne Schulze Johnson
Roxanne Donahue
Laura Wedemeyer Hanson
Laura Thompson
Natalie Langlois
Lorraine Attridge
Megan Carvalho
Debra Swing-Preis
Christine Salib Keryakes
Alicia Dickman
Lisa Brown
Janine LeBlanc
Gabrielle Giordano
Beth Gismondi
Kelly Fitzgerald
Carolyn Hyman
Kim Manning
Dawn Mendoza
Marna Bronfen-Moore
Dympna Atwell
Heather Caruthers Miniman
Marianne Lyons Delorey
Corrie Mercer
Rebecca Kate Paquette
Mike and Karen Shepard
Sirisha Nalmela
Jen Taylor Distasio
Michelle Bates
Lee Medeiros
Karen Piazza
Mary Weinstein
Katie Duval
Alexandra Rizvi
Margie Wiggin
Nancy Baker Fowler
Sophia Cho
Kimberly Kim
Brenda Clark Patnaude
Mark and Alissa Gedman
Kristin Slack
Mahsa Ghavamian
Rebecca Robak
Heather Kelley
Lisa Whittemore
Darlene Tuttle Tucker
Cynthia Esthimer
Darshini Dalal Kadakia
Ganary Dabiri
Gail Previte Schlicke
Gabriela Dunn
Cristina Dorcey Medeiros
Liisa Jackson
Linda Chuss
Jean Cann
Bernadette Markey
Suzanne Shaps
Krissy Berla Canastar
Kathy J. Hinds
Theresa Wright
Michelle McInness Bullock
Sara Hunter Horsman
Michelle Pasternak Leibowitz
Kathleen Campbell
Amy Groves
Nasiba Mannan
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