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Letter to the Editor: Richards-Cavanaugh for School Committee

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I wholeheartedly support Nancy Richards-Cavanaugh for a third term on the Hopkinton School Committee because of the personal and professional experience she brings to the role. I have worked with Nancy in multiple capacities across the years on the School Committee, on the 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee, the Farewell to Center School Committee and the HPTA. Nancy has a very long track record of committed service to the town, and particularly to the schools.

Nancy brings the experience, passion and credibility to the School Committee that is critical for the next three years. Major issues in the short term include the Elmwood School project, continuing to address the longer-term effects of COVID, and increasing budget costs. Nancy has tremendous experience with the Marathon School project, which will help lead the community through a challenging decision process and support the best outcome for the students. Nancy demonstrated consistent, compassionate and collaborative leadership throughout the pandemic. Her steady hand and deep knowledge of the priorities and concerns of all stakeholders — teachers, parents, students, community partners — will continue to help Hopkinton work through the lingering learning and mental health challenges. Nancy has intimate knowledge of the school and town finances and is meticulous in her efforts to provide the best educational outcome possible for all students in the district, within the means of the town, and with respect to other town priorities. Nancy is transparent and trustworthy.

Nancy has proven to be an exemplary community leader in Hopkinton. She cares deeply about the issues and concerns of all members of the community and seeks input on all issues. She works tirelessly to ensure that the public has awareness of and access to current information regarding finances, policies and decisions by the School Committee. She is a constant presence at school and community events, always available to support students and highlight their achievements.

I am proud to be supporting Nancy Richards-Cavanaugh at the polls on Monday, May 16, and I hope you will join me.

— Jean Bertschmann, Hopkinton

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