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Letter to the Editor: Support for HHS graduation car parade

by | Jun 3, 2023 | Letter to Editor

Having just navigated in the Hopkinton High School Class of 2023 car parade and experiencing such pride (Congrats Marisa and all the Class of 2023!), I felt obligated to raise my voice in favor of keeping this wonderful event in perpetuity. The sheer amount of joy and pride by all those involved in the parade as well as the hundreds of people lining the streets was simply amazing. The parade demonstrated support not only for the graduating seniors but for the Hopkinton community as a whole. In the current climate where there is division and animosity on nearly everything, this one single event brings everyone in the community together to share pride and joy for the town of Hopkinton. I cannot understand any justification that this one-hour event should be discontinued, as it is slated to be. Sure, there is some disruption in traffic, but there are plenty of other events in town that disrupt traffic even more. And there are plenty of other events (political, social, etc.) in town that also disrupt traffic but can have unintended consequences of division, protest and even hate in some cases. This event truly brings everyone together. If you feel the same, I ask you to let your voice be heard as well. Keep the car parade!

— Chris Alicandro, Hopkinton

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  1. Witold Witkowski

    Could not agree more. This is a fantastic tradition. Please keep it around! !

  2. Peter LaGoy

    A lot of modern urban planning is about finding ways to increase community interaction. Events like this are a great way to do just that. While a group of us were off building trails during the event, even we. down in the woods, could hear the joy in the car honks, and in a foray out to get more wood, the number of folks lining the streets was impressive. I agree with the writer; keep this event going.

  3. Jeanne Vumbaca

    I agree, events that are fun and celebrate our young people are so good for all!!

  4. Simone Flores-Cardillo

    Congratulations class of 2023! Yes! I love this and should be a tradition on years to come! And my daughter is class 2024!

  5. Terry Dever

    100% agree with you, Chris! Please keep the car parade!

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