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Letter to the Editor: Time to help less fortunate

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Letter to Editor

While certainly everyone in Hopkinton needs to continue taking precautions against the current pandemic, I believe we should use our privilege of being a part of the most powerful nation in the world to do more to help others. The current statistics are appalling. Currently children in low-income countries are more than 100 times more likely to die from infectious diseases, and nearly 70 percent of the world’s nations are underprepared to manage or control outbreaks. Bill Gates in 2015 said, “If anything kills millions of people in the next few decades, it is more likely to be a highly infectious virus, rather than a war. Not missiles but microbes.”

With nearly half a billion people potentially being pushed into poverty because of COVID-19, this virus can kill in ways other than infecting people. I recently met with Ed Markey’s legislative assistant to discuss the ways that we can help those vulnerable people abroad. We talked about supporting the Global Health Security Act as well as how he is currently helping to alleviate the harm of this pandemic abroad through funding. As people living cozy and comfortable lives here in Hopkinton, we need to do more to help those who can not help themselves. Especially with all the free time on hand, I believe more people should dedicate themselves in the fight against global poverty. Consider donating to those in need or contacting your representatives to support giving more funding abroad, as currently less than 1 percent of our budget goes to foreign aid.

We have the time, and we have more than enough resources. What we need now is the courage.

— Maz Ahmad, Hopkinton

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