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Letter to the Editor: Mannan for Select Board

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I write with enthusiastic support for Shahidul Mannan to the Hopkinton Select Board. He has been a resident of Hopkinton for 10 years with his wife, college student son and middle school daughter. In that time he has demonstrated dedication to our community’s health, growth and fiscal priorities through his service on the Planning Board, Appropriation Committee, Growth Study Committee and Community Preservation Committee. He brings exemplary experience in managing budgets and identifying areas for growth and support needs — with an MBA and technology professional background he is able to identify the necessary focus to maximize success. Shahidul’s appreciation for our town’s natural beauty (trails and passive recreation), arts center, restaurants and top-ranking schools is apparent in all he does. Shahidul will be a valuable voice in steering our town through the next phase of growth and development as we come out of the fog of the pandemic. I find his level of engagement inspiring and look forward to voting for him on May 16th. Please join me, you will be proud to cast your vote for Shahidul Mannan, Select Board member.

— Jamie Wronka, Hopkinton

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