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Letter to the Editor: Parade should have been relocated

by | Jul 3, 2022 | Letter to Editor

I just had to express my feelings about the parade being postponed this year due to roadwork being done and not completed.

I think this is sad. The Hopkinton community loves the Fourth of July parade. Families, seniors, children and adults of all ages come together with community spirit.

Another road could have been chosen, or a field, for example. The high school field would have been a good replacement.

— Mary McLeod, Hopkinton

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  1. Dawson Markey

    I agree that the parade should not have been postponed. It definitely is a great way for family’s, seniors, and Children of all ages to come together and celebrate the Fourth of July, and it being taken away/postponed because of construction is a huge disappointment. There for sure could have been a way to still have it done somehow, like finding another route on different streets. This definitely would have helped because it would have made family’s be able to get together and celebrate the Fourth of July. The postponement caused people to have to go to other towns celebrations if they wanted to celebrate the Fourth of July, even though many of them would have preferred some form of a celebration in town.

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